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Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing –

Marketing has always been there in the world, as
the world advances we move to various new methods of marketing. In earlier times we have
been using the traditional ways of marketing which included the old days of advertisement like
newspaper, telephone, radio, hoardings etc. Traditional marketing methods capture a great
market and are proven to be effective till date but as the world transforms we switch to a digital
mode of marketing which has proven to be useful and it is growing at a tremendous rate and it
can surpass traditional marketing someday. Traditional marketing has been here since a long
time and has captured a large market the results that people have got from traditional marketing
are amazing. But the world is shifting into a digital world which leads to the development of a
new type of marketing that is digital marketing. Digital marketing uses the social media, mobile
phones, internet and other channels to reach out to their customers. Everyone today is connected
with the internet so digital marketing uses the internet as the medium to connect with the people
which helps them to reach the maximum number of people. Digital Marketing has given
amazing results since it has been introduced and we believe it has great future ahead.

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