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CATT Marketing Funnel

The concept of CATT Content Attention Trust Transaction
Marketing funnel is an important part of digital marketing this process can give you a whole
idea of how the online marketing works. The concept of CATT funnel explains that how we
can follow the whole process and understand all the things that are there in the online marketing
process. This funnel explains that how we can start our journey on the online marketing and all
the things required to achieve all we want. CATT Marketing Funnel gives us a simple formula
which says that your wealth = n * CATT where n says that it is your niche it decides that how
much your wealth will grow and how much successful you will become in the upcoming years.
C stands for Content after selecting your niche you have to build a great content according to
it. A stands for Attention in this step after development of your content you now have to bring
traffic to your blog using various methods like online marketing, SEO, paid ads etc. T stands
for Trust in this step when the audience is driven to your blog you start talking to them and
start building a bond of trust between you and your readers. T stands for Transaction this is the
most important step as when we are converting our leads into our customers. This step is a
transaction step as a user pays for the services or product you offer to them. So this is how a
CATT funnel works and helps us to build online presence.

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