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The fundamentals of Marketing

The fundamentals of Marketing – We have always believed that marketing is only limited to
the advertisement of a product but that’s not true marketing is a very wide concept. Marketing
starts from the day you decide to build a product or service and sell it marketing includes all
the research that you do to understand the need of your product, what all competitive products
you have in market, the demand of your product and understanding the customer needs
regarding the product. People use so many channels for marketing that they put all their efforts
in making the creative content for marketing but they don’t realize that marketing is based on
Science not creativity. It starts with understanding customer needs and then developing a
product or service required. Marketing is about making people understand that how you are
going to make their life easier with your product or services. It includes sending the right
message, to the right person, at right time. Having the right kind of conversation with the
customer you can build trust and a good reputation for yourself in the minds of the customer
which will help you to convert your onetime customer into a permanent one. While marketing
we try to give user the solution to his problem and develop a sense in his mind that whenever
they feel the same kind of problem the solution they get is always you. Marketing helps you
make a brand for yourself which captures a position in the minds of the customer that you are
the need to their problem. Focusing on the product is more important than marketing, a great
product can sell itself.

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