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Want to make 1cr with the help of Digital Marketing?

In this article, I am going to talk about how to use digital marketing and build a wealth for
yourself. We will be talking about 5 things that will help you to enlighten your knowledge on
Digital Marketing which will eventually lead to the development of wealth. This article will be
useful for everyone who wants to change their career, learn a new skill, promote a business,
become freelancers or entrepreneurs.
Before we talk about the Digital Marketing topics let me just tell you the easiest concept about
generating a wealth of 1cr. I myself came to know about this concept from Digital Deepak
Internship Program.
Let us understand the basics Math’s first, Let’s assume we have a product that cost Rs100 If
we sell the product to 1,00,000 customers then we have achieved our target of generating a
wealth of 1,00,00,000 Rs

This simple chart will help you explain that with what number of product pricing and the
number of customers will be required to achieve the target of 1 Cr rupees..

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