Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

Imagine yourself as a Brand people know what you
do they know what brand you are associated with they believe whatever you say. Personal
branding means just by hearing your name they could relate to a product or service that you
sell. Personal branding has various advantages like the best known can beat the best, People
like to hear from other people not from other brand, a personal brand can give rise to many
brands from his/her influence. Mass Trust Blueprint this is a blue print which will tell you about
the journey of a person making their online presence and what steps they took to reach the
success and how the cycle goes on. To make people trust you will have to do a few things like
first you will have to learn a skill, then learning won’t be enough you will have to bring the
skill to use, after gaining an experience in the skill you can share your experience with them
tell the about the difficulties that you faced and much more so to share all this you can write a
blog, since you have worked in companies instead of working for them you can start consulting
them, you can also start teaching the skill and become a mentor in the respective field. This is
how the cycle works where you brand yourself and you build trust among other people towards
your product and services.

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