In this article, I am going to talk about how to use digital marketing and build a wealth for yourself. We will be talking about 5 things that will help you to enlighten your knowledge on Digital Marketing which will eventually lead to the development of wealth. This article will be useful for everyone who wants to change their career, learn a new skill, promote a business, become freelancers or entrepreneurs.

Before we talk about the Digital Marketing topics let me just tell you the easiest concept about generating a wealth of 1cr. I myself came to know about this concept from Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Let us understand the basics Math’s first, Let us assume we have a product that cost Rs100 If we sell the product to 1,00,000 customers then we have achieved our target of generating a wealth of 1,00,00,000 Rs.

Product PricingCustomerTotal

This simple chart will help you explain that with what number of product pricing and the number of customers will be required to achieve the target of 1Cr rupees.

These are the major topic which we will be talking about-

The fundamentals of Marketing We have always believed that marketing is only limited to the advertisement of a product but that’s not true marketing is a very wide concept. Marketing starts from the day you decide to build a product or service and sell it marketing includes all the research that you do to understand the need of your product, what all competitive products you have in market, the demand of your product and understanding the customer needs regarding the product. People use so many channels for marketing that they put all their efforts in making the creative content for marketing but they don’t realize that marketing is based on Science not creativity.  It starts with understanding customer needs and then developing a product or service required.  Marketing is about making people understand that how you are going to make their life easier with your product or services. It includes sending the right message, to the right person, at right time. Having the right kind of conversation with the customer you can build trust and a good reputation for yourself in the minds of the customer which will help you to convert your onetime customer into a permanent one. While marketing we try to give user the solution to his problem and develop a sense in his mind that whenever they feel the same kind of problem the solution they get is always you. Marketing helps you make a brand for yourself which captures a position in the minds of the customer that you are the need to their problem. Focusing on the product is more important than marketing, a great product can sell itself.    

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing Marketing has always been there in the world, as the world advances we move to various new methods of marketing. In earlier times we have been using the traditional ways of marketing which included the old days of advertisement like newspaper, telephone, radio, hoardings etc. Traditional marketing methods capture a great market and are proven to be effective till date but as the world transforms we switch to a digital mode of marketing which has proven to be useful and it is growing at a tremendous rate and it can surpass traditional marketing someday.     Traditional marketing has been here since a long time and has captured a large market the results that people have got from traditional marketing are amazing. But the world is shifting into a digital world which leads to the development of a new type of marketing that is digital marketing. Digital marketing uses the social media, mobile phones, internet and other channels to reach out to their customers. Everyone today is connected with the internet so digital marketing uses the internet as the medium to connect with the people which helps them to reach the maximum number of people. Digital Marketing has given amazing results since it has been introduced and we believe it has great future ahead.

CATT Marketing Funnel The concept of CATT Content Attention Trust Transaction Marketing funnel is an important part of digital marketing this process can give you a whole idea of how the online marketing works. The concept of CATT funnel explains that how we can follow the whole process and understand all the things that are there in the online marketing process. This funnel explains that how we can start our journey on the online marketing and all the things required to achieve all we want. 

CATT Marketing Funnel gives us a simple formula which says that your wealth = n * CATT where n says that it is your niche it decides that how much your wealth will grow and how much successful you will become in the upcoming years. C stands for Content after selecting your niche you have to build a great content according to it. A stands for Attention in this step after development of your content you now have to bring traffic to your blog using various methods like online marketing, SEO, paid ads etc. T stands for Trust in this step when the audience is driven to your blog you start talking to them and start building a bond of trust between you and your readers. T stands for Transaction this is the most important step as when we are converting our leads into our customers. This step is a transaction step as a user pays for the services or product you offer to them. So this is how a CATT funnel works and helps us to build online presence.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Making an online presence for ourselves is something that we all have thought about for once but due to some reason we couldn’t do that and for those who tried to do it didn’t come up that well and the reason is something that I myself have learned recently in the Digital Deepak Course we all just rush into building our digital profile but before doing that we should use the concept of integrated digital marketing. We use various medium for marketing so we should take a note that all our platforms work together and in good coordination so that we can have the best results.

     Integrated Digital Marketing can be explained as bringing various marketing strategies together to get the better results for our business. We just try to focus only on one strategy which is why we don’t get the desired results. Content marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Social Media platforms these all combine and used properly than they can give the best results. A well planned and organized way of marketing will bring more sales and customers and increase more awareness about your brand and built trust among people.  

Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

Imagine yourself as a Brand people know what you do they know what brand you are associated with they believe whatever you say. Personal branding means just by hearing your name they could relate to a product or service that you sell. Personal branding has various advantages like the best known can beat the best, People like to hear from other people not from other brand, a personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence.

      Mass Trust Blueprint this is a blue print which will tell you about the journey of a person making their online presence and what steps they took to reach the success and how the cycle goes on. To make people trust you will have to do a few things like first you will have to learn a skill, then learning won’t be enough you will have to bring the skill to use, after gaining an experience in the skill you can share your experience with them tell the about the difficulties that you faced and much more so to share all this you can write a blog, since you have worked in companies instead of working for them you can start consulting them, you can also start teaching the skill and become a mentor in the respective field. This is how the cycle works where you brand yourself and you build trust among other people towards your product and services.   


Making 1 Cr is not that big deal! I hope now you would have felt in the same way. I have tried to mention all the important points regarding the digital marketing and how with the help of this you can make 1 Cr rupees. I have tried to explain various marketing concepts in the article that will be beneficial for you in the coming time. I will be moving forward with this course I will be learning more things about it and I would like to share them with you.

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